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This Thanksgiving I'm Thankful for...

My Brother!

He is my ride or die. Literally down for anything. I could invite him to go look at a dumpster with me and he'd be about it. I'm thankful for having someone in my life who knows me as well as he does and loves me unconditionally and for letting me love him and bug him whenever for whatever. Sure, he is moody and drives like there's a t-rex after him, but no one makes me laugh like him and no one gets my jokes like he does.

The Parental Units

Thank you mama y papa for always pushing me to be my best. Thank you for making the things that are important to me, important to you also. Thank you for always having my back no matter what and for showing me the love of God by loving me with flaws and all.

Mi Aby

Thank you for the million and one times I ask you to brush my hair, for being my very own dress maker, for listening to all my stories and sharing all your stories with me. I cherish your advice on boys and life and I hope I get to have one as full as yours.

My BFF Erika

It's about to go on 11 years since we have known each other and I wonder how she's not tired of me yet. Some of the best nights out have been with you. Remember that very first time we went to Bongos in my black Pontiac G5 and we were super quiet on our way there because it was so grown up of us and we didn't know what we were doing? I'm thankful we are on this adulting journey together. There is no one else I would rather call my best friend than you fool!

This Year

This year presented me with myriad opportunities to grow in my career, build new friendships, explore the great American Desert and learn new skills while honing old ones. Thank you 2019 for the lessons learned. The good ones and not so good ones.

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1 Comment

Me ha encantado tu blog..eres fantastica..Linda..Sencilla...Y con muchas agallas...sigue adelante q nacistes para crecer..Gracias y Besitos

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