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A List of My Favorite Things -With Links ;-)

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

One of my favorite things on Instagram is tagging.

Location tagging, account tagging, but most of all product tagging.

Why? Because there are some really cute things people are using that I want to use too! How else am I going to know where they got it if they don't tag it? So thank you to all those of you I follow that tag where you got your things :-)

And in the spirit of sharing where we get our favorite things (some of which I am wearing in this post's photo), I will share with you a list of my favorite 20 things and where I got them.

If you click on the links and buy the things I might make some money. A girl has to hustle :-P

I'm a big fan of tracking my habits so this smartwatch is a great add to my accessories drawer. It keeps tabs on my steps, heart rate and I can record a ton of different exercises (but mostly I record cycling, meditation and walking).

The vintage looks of this DSLR are what drew me in. It's lightweight so it's easy to just drop it in a backpack, purse of hang it on my shoulder. My favorite feature is the wireless transfer of photos from the camera to my phone.

I like things simple and nothing in life gets as simple as a fixie bike. One gear. Go.

Protect your eyes friends! Block those blue light rays from your phone, computer and tv. Since I started wearing these my migraines have gotten better and I fall asleep much quicker.

When COVID-19 hit and nail salons closed this was my answer to keeping a fresh gel mani. Now that salons are open again this is my answer to saving some dough.

Bou Bunny is a big fan of pushing hay out of her carrier whenever she's in the car so this little portable vacuum with a A/C power plug helps me keep things clean.

My favorite watercolor palette to use when I'm looking for bright and easy to mix payments.

Venus Vera Bradley Razor and Shaving Cream

Can we talk about how incredibly sweet smelling this shaving cream is? I was not a believer in shaving cream, I honestly thought that soap does the job and does it cheaper. But friends, this shaving cream creates a rich lather letting the razor glide through leaving ZERO nicks and cuts. LOVE!

Moisturize your skin and indulge the senses with this body lotion. She's my nightly go to after I shower and before bed.

Is it really me if I'm not wearing matte lipstick? It's not.

My combination skin has made it a challenge for me to find a face-wash that wont over-dry my skin or break me out. This one is the only one that I have been able to use for a prolonged period of time with no issues.

Wash your hair and apply this cream after towel drying and your good to go! I'm kind of lazy when it comes to styling my hair so this air dry cream is a life saver for me. It leaves my hair frizz-free and shiny. What's not to love?

There is a sunscreen revolution happening and I am here for it. Protect your faces friends! Sun damage is the leading cause of looking old. Aveeno's mineral sunscreen keeps you from looking oily and it protects your face.

I painted it for you.

For you.

These are not by me but I love them and use them to decorate my planner and they are so cute!

Because we have to!

Here's to hoping that 2021 will give us more to plan.

My favorite way to light up my yard. Get you some.

This is what I use to schedule my Instagram posts. Say what?? You don't actually post everyday at the exact same time? Nah lol

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