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A Saturday Cleaning Playlist

If you grew up in a Cuban household like I did, you likely remember been woken up to your mom or dad's favorite singer blasting from an old radio somewhere in the house.

As you got out of bed and sleepily walked to the kitchen for breakfast you might have found your mom mopping or dusting while singing along or your dad dancing it out while doing some work in the yard.

Now that I'm older and have my own place, I keep this tradition alive by blasting my own tunes on Saturday mornings while I clean and tidy up. Below, I present you my Saturday Morning Cleaning Playlist and why I chose each song.

  1. Ahora Quien- Marc Anthony. We're going to start it slow. Get warmed up while I drink some cafecito and tidy surfaces to make dusting easier.

  2. Tu No Metes Cabra- Bad Bunny. Call my mom on FaceTime while this is playing because she hates this kind of music.

  3. Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels- Todrick Hall. I pretend I'm on a runway strutting as I spray and wipe, spray and wipe, spray and wipe wooo!

  4. Truth Hurts-Lizzo. Do some lip synching to this using the broom as a mic. Not much brooming happens.

  5. The Greatest-Sia. I play this one while vacuuming because I can hear Sia's screams over the vacuum and keeps me pumped.

  6. Hostage-Sia. Now I'm ready to mop the floor so I'm sliding around with intermittent lip synching when I pass the mirror.

  7. Sunset Lover-Petit Biscuit. Start winding down with this one while I clean the bathroom.

  8. Seven Seconds- The Band Perry. First time I heard this song I couldn't believe it was The Band Perry. I remember them being way more country. This one is for when I'm done and rewarding myself with a seltzer while hanging out in my hammock.

What do you listen to when you're cleaning? Tell me in the comments! :-D

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