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Photoshoot In the Park For 9 Year Old Maiza

Welcome to Wednesday and to another blog post!

Has your week been a good thus far? Isn't this "winter" weather such a nice change from the usual HEAT FROM THE CENTER OF THE EARTH weather? I think it is.

Recently I had the opportunity to do a quick photoshoot at the gorgeous Matheson Hammock Park here in South Florida. It was incredible beautiful out that day and my 9-year-old model Maiza was so great. She's super sweet and possible the kindest and smartest 9-year-old I've met.

The main reason I always recommend this park to clients is the gorgeous lighting created by the tree canopy. The filtered light is perfect for shooting without the extra equipment, plus the hanging moss gives photos a touch of magic.

These are some of my favorite photos from that day. Enjoy!

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