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What It's All About

It'sKeilaD is all about embracing the beauty in the simple things. Every design and creative piece associated with It'sKeilaD is inspired by my latin cultural background and my experience growing up in Miami. The goal behind It'sKeilaD is to create fashionable yet simple pieces that celebrate my identity and the identity of fierce, latin women who go out every day to be straight up BOSSES. It'sKeilaD is my creative outlet to encourage and celebrate women while honoring our latin roots and our current lives in America. Particularly Miami! This is for all the boss latinas making making their dreams come true!

10 Ways to Quickly Optimize Your Smartphone Usage

Wherever I go, it is with me. Even when I sleep, it's right next to me. Sometimes I grab it and I have absolutely no idea why. It answers all my questions but it also wastes a lot of my time. It is my most important productivity tool and also my biggest time suck. It's part of my lifestyle and without it I'd be useless. I think. Maybe. I don't know. I am speaking of course about my phone. Can you relate? I can forget my wallet or lock myself out of my house, run out of gas or get lost in a foreign city. As long as I have my phone on me, I can see myself out of any situation. But I can also expertly waste time better spent, scrolling endlessly. Did you know that there is a "You're All Caught Up" notification on Instagram? There is. And I simply must see it everyday at least once. Don't ask me why, I just must. But, because I am trying to manage my time better to be the best version of me I can be and get all the things that I want, I am trying to use my phone more productively and I want to share what is working for me. Behold! 10 ways to optimize your phone usage: 1. Delete Apps You Don't Need Go to settings and look at the list of all the apps on your phone. When was the last time you used some of those? Delete them. Don't feel like you downloaded and now you HAVE to use it. Get rid of it and save some space on your phone. 2. Turn Off Notifications Except for Essential Apps You don't need to know about every email that comes in or every Facebook post that your friends post or how many people like your Insta post at the moment that they like it. In the end these end up being major distractions. So, in settings, turn off notifications for ALL your apps and then go through the list and turn them on just for the most important ones. This will help with anxiety and attention span. I promise! 3. Do Not Disturb is Your Friend Not every text needs an immediate reply. Most messages really don't. Want to read a book and actually get enough pages in? Set your phone to DND. Sleep as soon as you're in bed? Set DND. Driving? DND. 4. Use the Search Feature for Everything Not just when you want to know what time it is in Australia. Need the calendar app? Search for it in the search bar. You'll get there much quicker than you would if you looked for it manually and you will also avoid getting distracted along the way. 5. Speech to Text or Audio Message Quicker way to respond when you're driving or focused on something else but you want to keep the conversation going. Like when you're talking to a crush yah know ;-) 6. Analyze Screen Time I love looking at data and analyzing trends and adjusting my behavior to get the numbers I want. It's the reason I wear a smartwatch and also the reason I constantly look at how I spend my screen time. This will help you know if you're spending your phone time wisely or if you could do better. Too much time on Instagram? Guilty! Work to check it a set number of times a day and see how much more efficient you are in other things 7. Organize Your Home Screen Keep things simple on your home screen by only keeping the apps that help you achieve your goals. I want to improve the number of times I meditate so I keep a meditation app on my homescreen along with my email that's imperative for my work, my bank app, podcast app, and lightroom. Reducing the number of apps you see when you unlock your phone will reduce stress and anxiety. 8. Use the Timer to Stay Focused Stay on schedule by using the timer feature on your phone. Set the timer for as long as you need. You may even want to set several timers or alerts if you like multiple reminders. 9. Use Your Headphones Specially when it's loud and you need to stay focused. Play some white noise and stay focused on that task! It's also great to take calls hands-free. 10. Pocket This one I just found out about. It's the easy way to keep all your favorite sites in one place or to bookmark an interesting article or video you might have seen. Instead of letting it get lost on a safari tab or a notes folder, find it easily in your Pocket app. How do you keep your phone usage effective? Tell me in the comments :-) And of course, check out my shop in the Shop tab up top for cute covers for your phone!

Must-Have Resources for Fierce Femmes Who Want to Start a Nonprofit

Itskeilad is all about making the world a more beautiful place. So what’s more beautiful than being a boss babe and starting your very own nonprofit? You will be making the ultimate commitment toward helping people, pets, the planet or whatever you’re passionate about! Best of all, you can use the resources below to make sure your nonprofit does the most good. Legal Setup for a New Nonprofit You need to be careful as you set up your nonprofit. Otherwise you can run into serious issues. ● First think about structure. The rules are very different for for-profits and nonprofits. ● If your nonprofit can operate as an LLC, consider filing needed forms online. ● Then you need to choose the right tax exemption status for your new organization. ● Be aware that regular reporting and compliance is also part of running a nonprofit. Board and Volunteer Recruitment Next on your to-do list is to find people who will ensure your nonprofit makes the most impact. ● Nonprofit organizations are required to have a board of directors from the start. ● Time, talent and treasure are traits you should look for in potential board members. ● Nonprofit success hinges on finding reliable volunteers, so have a plan for this. ● When the time is right, you’ll also want to look into hiring a few paid staff members. Routine Operations for a 501(c)3 There’s a lot that needs to go on behind the scenes in order for a charity organization to thrive. ● In the nonprofit world, operations refers to fundraising, finance and other tasks. ● Most administrative work will require tech, and you may be able to get tech for less. ● For example, you may be able to find a good donor database within your budget. ● Raising funds will keep your programs going, and there are several ways to do so. Helping others is so beautiful. Dedicating your time, effort and heart to a nonprofit that’s sole focus is helping others is even more incredible. If you’re a young woman who has a passion for making a difference and leading a team, starting a nonprofit just might be the right move for you. All you need to do is complete a few legal, administrative and recruitment tasks, and then you will be well on your way to changing the world! You can peruse Itskeilad for more resources and articles that will help you keep things simple and beautiful, and to allow your mind to escape from the clutter of everyday life. Photo Credit: Unsplash

A Brief Guide to Buying Art Online

Start with Photography Art It's easy to find a photo of something that you're into or that you find striking. And there are so many great photographers selling their art online, it is certain you will find something you will like. Not to mention that photography will be kinder on your wallet than paintings or sculptures. Art is also not limited to prints and sculptures friends! I am amazed by some of the things that Miami artists are doing with plants and vintage items. More on that below. Set a Budget and Stick to It Speaking of your wallet; determine how much $$ you're going to set for your art piece and stick to it. It's easy to get carried away buying things you find that you like so make sure you set filters to stick to your price range when you're searching on sites like Society6 and Redbubble. Also, consider how many pieces you're looking to buy for the money you set aside. Support New Artists Look close to home for your art. There are great but struggling artists all around you and if you want a piece that represents your city, your heritage, your culture; there is someone in your city that is probably portraying those elements in their work. An easy way to find them is to visit local galleries. One of my favorite places to discover local artists is the Wynwood Marketplace and the plant market on Saturdays at the Center for Subtropical Affairs in Little Haiti. < Here are some of my favorites. And if you'd like to support me check me out at Use Art to Fill in Space Maybe you're thinking that you don't have space for a big piece in your home or you don't want to commit an entire wall to something that you might get over quickly. Don't worry! You can use art to fill spaces in your wall that look lonely. Say next to your mirror or by your desk or in the kitchen. Small art is still art friends! Prints are great and so are phone cases and stickers. Take art with you on your laptop or on your phone. Get What Speaks to You And of course, get something that makes you FEEL. It can be a good feeling or a melancholic one but let it be something that whenever you look at it, it speaks to a part of you or represents something you feel or says something that maybe you don't have words for.

This is What's Coming From Me For You Very Soon!

Hello Internet Friends and Real Life Friends! In the words of one of my favorite bands: "So this is the new year And I don't feel any different..." -Death Cab for Cutie. And that's okay, you know. But just because we feel the same doesn't mean things are changing around us and that we ourselves are evolving. Afterall, the caterpillar doesn't become a butterfly overnight. This year I am taking my little art side hustle to the next level and I am bringing you all along with me for the ride. Before I start doing all the things, I wanted to clue you in dear loyal readers, into what you can expect from me this 2021. Some things will remain the same like my usual Instagram content which will continue to grace your feeds and I will continue to be overwhelmingly pleased to get your comments and likes and shares and this blog will continue to get updated every Wednesday. In addition to that you can now also expect: Behind the scenes LIVE DRAWING SESSIONS PLANTING videos! GIVEAWAYS of all the things and BRAND NEW THEMED COLLECTIONS for you! I'm so excited to get to communicate and interact more with you all and I honestly cannot wait to hear and read what you guys think of the content I'll be putting out. All of it will be done with the purpose of adding a little bit of joy and beauty to your days :-) Make sure you're following me on Instagram to participate in the giveaways and live sessions. Subscribe to the blog to stay on top of the latest news from me! Have a happy rest of your week!

5 Things To Do To Make 2021 Great

Welcome back to the first blog of 2021! I am so excited to be back on my little internet soapbox sharing with you all the things that motivate and matter to me today. And that hopefully will matter to you by the time you're done reading this. A new year is an untold story. Your story. And you get to write it. Take some creative liberties and add some plot twists in there to keep us hooked. Either way I am rooting for all of you. With that spirit, I'm sharing 5 things that you can do (and that I will be doing) everyday to make 2021 your best year yet. 1. Rise Early A toughie for sure. I struggle with this so much friends. I have tried all the tricks like setting my alarm on my phone and then putting my phone way out of reach so I have to get out of bed to turn it off, I've tried drinking lots of water before bed so I have to use the restroom very early in the morning, and for a while I had someone call me multiple times until I was fully awake. None of that worked of course. The only thing that actually worked was getting a taste of that super awesome feeling of being awake before the world and seeing the sun rise. That ~feeling~ of peace, tranquility and success. It's great and sets the tone for the whole day. 2. Set Goals Working towards something gives us purpose and keeps us focused and organized. So write down at least three things that you want to accomplish this year and break them down over the year. Make sure you set a date for when you want to achieve them. Getting a calendar can help with this and it is a great record to look back at and see how much you've done. Remember, your goals can be whatever you want them to be. For inspo here are some of mine: visit an art exhibit once a month, travel to a new place, volunteer locally and sell at least one art piece per month. 3. Be Grateful If you follow me on Instagram you know about the little piece of wisdom my dad shared with me. In case you don't it's basically to find some good in your circumstances. Maybe you don't have your ideal job, or you are going to school and are tired of it, or you had a recent break-up, or maybe you're broke. All those situations have some silver lining and if we can focus on that then we can make them bearable until we can get out of them. Maybe even use that silver lining to light our way out of it. When I worked retail at a computer tech store that no longer exists, I dreaded going in to work every day. Even more so after I had graduated college and had no job prospects in my field. The customers were rude, the managers were demanding and my co-workers always had some drama. Tired of hearing me complain, my dad told me to find something I could look forward to and that way make the work day a little better. I found that I was grateful for having a job and being able to afford things I liked without placing that burden on my parents. That helped me get through it. Also my cousins worked with me and they're cool. 4. Be Present What happened is done and we don't know what the future holds. The now is really all we have so let's really be in it. I'm super guilty of constantly being on my phone or worrying about what I need to do next but the times I have decided to really be in the moment I've felt so much better and have enjoyed things I would have otherwise missed. You have a pet? Spend some time watching them or playing with them and focus on their peculiar behaviors. VIsiting your parents? Ask them about their life before they had you. Stuck in traffic? Do a little people watching or listen to your favorite music. 5. Rest Even God rested on the 7th day. Also he was probably really tired after making the woman; His most advanced creation LOL But for real, rest is important. When you rest your body repairs itself and you can go back to business better than before. Get your full 7 hours of sleep, nap when you need it, take time for leisure activities and remember to breatheeeeeee. I wish you all the best for this year!

Photoshoot In the Park For 9 Year Old Maiza

Welcome to Wednesday and to another blog post! Has your week been a good thus far? Isn't this "winter" weather such a nice change from the usual HEAT FROM THE CENTER OF THE EARTH weather? I think it is. Recently I had the opportunity to do a quick photoshoot at the gorgeous Matheson Hammock Park here in South Florida. It was incredible beautiful out that day and my 9-year-old model Maiza was so great. She's super sweet and possible the kindest and smartest 9-year-old I've met. The main reason I always recommend this park to clients is the gorgeous lighting created by the tree canopy. The filtered light is perfect for shooting without the extra equipment, plus the hanging moss gives photos a touch of magic. These are some of my favorite photos from that day. Enjoy!

Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

Let me start by telling you what pachinko is: pachinko is a Japanese game similar to pinball and people bet on it like they do on slot machines here in the U.S. If you have ever played pinball then you know that there is a lot hitting a little ball with two flippers and trying to get the highest score you can before it you lose it to the black hole between the two flippers. Synopsis: That's pretty much what happens to this Korean-Japanese family through this book. The story of the Baek family is told over three generations starting out in Korea before the second world war and ending in Japan sometime in the 70s. Likes: My favorite part about Pachinko was learning about the history between Korea and Japan. Prior to reading this book I didn't know that there was such enmity between the two cultures. At least during that time. Mostly it is due to Japan taking over Korea during the war and many Koreans moving to Japan to escape poverty then being looked down upon by the Japanese. Through the family's story some of them try to pretend they aren't Korean, others want very badly to be Japanese and in the end what defines them is not so much where they were born but who they are and what they do. Those who realize that "win" and those who don't, well, it doesn't go to well for them. Dislikes: I didn't like how awkward the romantic scenes were or how the women kept saying "a woman's lot is to suffer." Rating: 🍵🍵🍵 out 5 If you're looking for a historical read and greater insight to Korean-Japanese relationships, then Pachinko is the book for you.


Hello friends! How have you all been? We are almost out of 2020 and I know that for a lot of us it is a relief. You can bet that when I celebrate New Years I will CELEBRATE the new year. Not that 2020 was ALL bad. In history it probably will go down as one of the worst years but I think we learned how resilient we can be. Even in the midst of a global pandemic we found ways to be kind to each other, make each other laugh with some of the funniest memes I've seen yet, and we worked on ourselves while spending more time with our loved ones. Those that we lost will be dearly missed and for those that have worked hard to keep us safe and care for us when we got sick, I am beyond thankful. I wanted to just come on here, this little space of the internet where I can say what's on my mind, and tell you all that I am thankful for your readership. Your comments always make me so happy and when I get private messages about a post I am thrilled. Thank you! Keep them coming. Thank you to all the friends, family and internet friends that supported my art by making purchases on my Society 6 shop and commissioning me to make art prints and designs. Let me not forget those of you that seeked me out to photograph your beautiful families in your most special moments. It was more than I expected and I am so, so grateful. Beyond me, I am thankful for my family's health and for my friends that are just thriving and it makes me so happy to see them doing so. What are you all thankful for this November 2020? Love you all!

Voting Early in Hialeah

Election season will soon come to an end friends. I hope you all have taken the opportunity to cast your vote! This year I did the early voting thing because I plan to be out of town on Election Day. The closest early voting place was the J.F.K Public Library in Hialeah. I love this library. I've featured some photos of the art surrounding this book heaven on my Insta and I've done some research about the City of Progress within its walls and among its shelves. On that hot and sunny Friday morning I was there for a different purpose. To cast my vote for president as well as other elected officials. I stood in line for about 30 minutes, maybe less. I wore a mask. I social distanced. I didn't accept any flyers from people handing them out. As soon as I got in line the older gentleman behind me started to make conversation. Agh early morning small talk is the best lol. I now know that there is an older man who lives in West Hialeah that has worked at the Miami International Airport for 25 years, he just retired and lives with his wife and grown children. His daughter is in Cuba and she wanted to be a doctor but ended up being a pharmacist because she did not like seeing hurt people. He recently sent her money so she could get herself a motor scooter to get around. Once we were inside the library I lost track of my new friend. His guajiro hat and stories will be missed at my next election. As I weaved my way through the crowded library I was offered hand sanitizer many times. A came up to a lady with my ballots in hand and she asked me if I was there to vote. What a strange question. I thought of replying as my brother sometimes does to silly questions "No I'm here to hunt deer." But alas I did not and instead replied with a simple "si." In my little privacy booth I pulled out my cheat sheet on my phone and shaded in my choices. Back in the hallways a lady guided me with her puckered lips to where I would cast my ballot. Another older man greeted me and asked me two questions. "Did you fill out your ballot?" I replied yes. "Are you happy with your choices?" I said "mmm eh." My ballots went into a machine and I was out the door with a final spray of hand sanitizer. Do your duty friends! GO AND VOTE!

4 Basic Elements of a Minimalist Photo

Hello and welcome to another blog post! Last week I conducted a quick Instagram survey asking what you all would like the next post to be about and most of you said you wanted a post with photo tips! And because your wish is my command, here is a post all about how to shoot the perfect minimalist photo. Minimalist photography is characterized by its simplicity of subjects, colors and composition. There's something just so fresh about a minimalist photo that makes the eyes linger. If you want to capture these kinds of photos or if you're simply wondering why you can't help but double tap on IG when you see a minimalist photo, this post is for you! Use of Negative Space Negative space is empty space in your photo to which your subject is offset. It can be anything from a clear sky, a field of grass, a blank or unadorned wall, the ocean, a lake, an otherwise empty table or floor. Negative space makes your subject stand out and therefore can make it more striking to look at. Isolate your Subject The point of a minimalist photo is to draw the viewer's attention to your subject. As you frame your shot, look for a way to isolate your subject from any other distracting elements in the area. If you want to capture just a palm tree, move around it until you have only it and the clear blue sky behind it in frame. You might have to get super close to your subject, or very low to the ground, or shoot straight up into the sky until you can get it all by its lonesome. You get it! Color Play I like to keep the colors in my minimalist photos to a minimum -lol- and I like to create contrast between my subject and its surroundings. A pop of color can make your subject stand out more and draw and hold the attention longer. It also keeps it from getting lost in the negative space. This is achieved by using one color for the background and a contrasting, bright color for your subject. Composition This goes for ALL photos whether minimalist or not. Use the lines and shapes in the photo to guide the eyes and tell a story. Use the shapes and shadows to ultimately lead the viewer to what you want them to look at.

Add a Little Green to Your Scene

Plants are in. A quick scroll through Instagram will reveal that most people are finding the benefits of keeping a green buddy nearby. If not for a boost of serotonin then at least for a great photo. Either way, plants are known to be mood boosters, natural air purifiers and help keep us in touch with a little bit of the natural world. Specially when we spend a lot of time indoors. And like us, plants need some tender love and care. But some plants need less tender love and care and make great companions for those of us that have not been gifted with a green thumb. My very average green thumb has experimented with different kinds of plants. May those that perished rest in peace. But these three are the troopers of the indoor green world. Snake Plant If you manage to kill this plant I will personally give you an award. It is the Bruce Willis of plants. And my favorite aspect is that she is very happy staying in one planter forever and ever amen. You can keep them outside or inside. She doesn't care. She's going to do her plant thing and thrive. Water her when you remember. Keep her by a window or don't, whatever. She doesn't care either way. She is however, toxic to pets so be sure to keep her away from your furry friends. Devil's Ivy Not sure why the harsh name but she's a sweetie pie. One of the coolest features of this plant is that she starts to hang outside of her pot after a while giving your indoor area a really cool tropical vibe. You can keep her in water or soil and she'll do great in either. If you do keep her in water, change it every one or two weeks so she can get some fresh oxygen. Peace Lily The Peace Lily is a drama queen but she's just wanting your attention is all. Don't be afraid when you come home and she's all droopy. Give her some water and she'll be good as new. She likes to be watered once every week and if you give her too much she'll let you know with some yellow leaves. Don't give her enough and she'll also let you know with some brown leaves. Of all three, this Lily will give you a couple of really cool looking flowers once a year. They will stick around for a couple of weeks and then Peace out. LOL Get it? Peace Lily. Peace out. Okay. You get it. Let me know if you own one of these cuties! Have any care suggestions? Tell me in the comments :-)

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