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Voting Early in Hialeah

Election season will soon come to an end friends.

I hope you all have taken the opportunity to cast your vote!

This year I did the early voting thing because I plan to be out of town on Election Day. The closest early voting place was the J.F.K Public Library in Hialeah. I love this library. I've featured some photos of the art surrounding this book heaven on my Insta and I've done some research about the City of Progress within its walls and among its shelves.

On that hot and sunny Friday morning I was there for a different purpose. To cast my vote for president as well as other elected officials. I stood in line for about 30 minutes, maybe less. I wore a mask. I social distanced. I didn't accept any flyers from people handing them out.

As soon as I got in line the older gentleman behind me started to make conversation. Agh early morning small talk is the best lol. I now know that there is an older man who lives in West Hialeah that has worked at the Miami International Airport for 25 years, he just retired and lives with his wife and grown children. His daughter is in Cuba and she wanted to be a doctor but ended up being a pharmacist because she did not like seeing hurt people. He recently sent her money so she could get herself a motor scooter to get around.

Once we were inside the library I lost track of my new friend. His guajiro hat and stories will be missed at my next election.

As I weaved my way through the crowded library I was offered hand sanitizer many times. A came up to a lady with my ballots in hand and she asked me if I was there to vote. What a strange question. I thought of replying as my brother sometimes does to silly questions "No I'm here to hunt deer." But alas I did not and instead replied with a simple "si."

In my little privacy booth I pulled out my cheat sheet on my phone and shaded in my choices. Back in the hallways a lady guided me with her puckered lips to where I would cast my ballot. Another older man greeted me and asked me two questions. "Did you fill out your ballot?" I replied yes. "Are you happy with your choices?" I said "mmm eh."

My ballots went into a machine and I was out the door with a final spray of hand sanitizer.

Do your duty friends! GO AND VOTE!

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