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This is What's Coming From Me For You Very Soon!

Hello Internet Friends and Real Life Friends!

In the words of one of my favorite bands:

"So this is the new year

And I don't feel any different..." -Death Cab for Cutie.

And that's okay, you know. But just because we feel the same doesn't mean things are changing around us and that we ourselves are evolving. Afterall, the caterpillar doesn't become a butterfly overnight.

This year I am taking my little art side hustle to the next level and I am bringing you all along with me for the ride. Before I start doing all the things, I wanted to clue you in dear loyal readers, into what you can expect from me this 2021.

Some things will remain the same like my usual Instagram content which will continue to grace your feeds and I will continue to be overwhelmingly pleased to get your comments and likes and shares and this blog will continue to get updated every Wednesday.

In addition to that you can now also expect:

  1. Behind the scenes LIVE DRAWING SESSIONS

  2. PLANTING videos!

  3. GIVEAWAYS of all the things


I'm so excited to get to communicate and interact more with you all and I honestly cannot wait to hear and read what you guys think of the content I'll be putting out. All of it will be done with the purpose of adding a little bit of joy and beauty to your days :-)

Make sure you're following me on Instagram to participate in the giveaways and live sessions. Subscribe to the blog to stay on top of the latest news from me!

Have a happy rest of your week!

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