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Make Your Holiday Photos Awesome!

Updated: May 22, 2020

Dinner with family. Brunch with friends. Outings to Christmas decorated wonderlands with you SO. Obviously you're going to want to capture all those Holiday memories and you may want to edit them a bit before you release them to the social media world or print them. These are my four favorite photo editing apps that make it super easy to make your photos wonderful and all right from your phone.

1. Afterlight

Tons of filters and adjustment tools to play around with. The Touch Tools are a great way of spot editing your photos and great for when you want just single part of your photo to pop like your baby's eyes or your red Santa hat!

The app is free and it's available on both iPhone and Android. It's not only super convenient but it has a very clean design that's very easy to understand. Follow them on Insta to see examples of how you can transform your photos using their tools.

2. Retouch

Got photo bombed by a stranger? Ugly trashcan stinking up your otherwise perfect photo? Retouch allows you to easily erase them from your picture with just a few taps. Other features include healing tools to smooth your skin and cloning tools to make more of whatever you want. In the photo of course.

3. iPhone's Photo Editing tool

The editing tool on your iPhone gives you a lot more freedom than it use to. You can independently adjust lighting elements like contrast, brightness, exposure, highlights, shadows and more. Filters are also available but not nearly as many as say Afterlight or Insta.

4. Canva

This one is for the really creative ones out there who want to make their photos something more. There's templates for Insta and Facebook stories and posts, flyers, posters. The works. There are some paid features but for the most part you'll get your designs free.

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