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Make Your Bathroom an Oasis in 3 Steps

Bathrooms are easy to forget about when it comes to home decor. They're kind of just there. But like an earlobe (another thing that's just there), you can make them into an extension of your personal style and individuality. Ready to make your shower room stand out? Check out these three simple steps below.

1. Treat yourself to nice linens!

Because a. you deserve it and b. they will make you smile when you look at them. If you're like me, chances are high that you pick out your towels in a nondescript color that matches with everything. But then it leaves your powder room looking grey and eh. The equivalent of the shrug emoji. Instead, get some towels in bold colors and patterns that will make your guests ooh and aah and will lend this part of your home a style on it's own.

2. Let your shower set the vibe

It's likely the biggest, most visible piece in your peepee room so make it count. Think of what you would like to feel like or be reminded of when you walk in for your daily showers and get a curtain that will evoke that. It doesn't have to be bland because you, friend, aren't bland.

3. Store in style

As much as I'm a dreamer, I have my moments of brutal realist pragmatism. A bathroom is not just an oasis of self-care but also a storage room for all things that clean, moisturize and dry our biological suits. Open shelves serve to hold all your ointments AND as displays for your cute towels and that cute and expensive bottle of perfume that you just love to look at as much as you love to wear. And don't forget your towel racks and curtain rod. Get them in colors that pop and bring out the super stylish atmosphere you've created.

BOOM! Now you have an Apartment Therapy worthy bathroom :-) You're welcome.

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