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Keep it Simple, Make It Beautiful

Very soon I will be turning 30.

Honestly, I don't care much for turning the big three o. I would rather live in an eternal 29 but this is how life works and in the end age really isn't nothing but a number. Right? Right?!

In all seriousness, I hope I inherited my parents' genes which keep them looking younger than they actually are. But in case I didn't inherit them, I have consulted with my dearest dermatologist on what should live in my make-up bag to keep me looking my best.

Dr. Hernandez suggested I keep an at-home make-up kit and another, smaller on-the-go make-up bag. This way I can keep my face looking fresh even if I don't go home until the end of the day. The good doctor also knows how I feel about complicated routines so she made it real simple for me to stay beautiful in my 30s.

For your at-home kit the must-haves are sunscreen, mascara, primer, concealer and setting powder.

And for on-the-go, keep powder sunscreen to re-apply, compact mirror, lipstick, blotting sheets to absorb oil, setting spray to stay FRESH.

"Okay, great Dr." I said. "Do you recommend any brands?"

"MANY," she answered.

For sunscreen Cerave 30-50 is her recommendation. Less than 30 you're not getting enough protection and more than 50 is not a thing. To reapply sunscreen she likes Super Goop's Hello Sunshine Invisible setting powder with 45 SPF.

Her go-to mascara is the Korean brand Crying Heroin. For primer she suggested Benefit brand and for concealer Born This Way by Too Faced.

And let us not forget lipstick: Pat McGrath.

Sunscreen is in! Check out Super Goop's extensive range of sun protection. Sun damage is, after all, the number one cause of skin aging.

If you're looking for my dermatologists deets, write me!

And if you want to wish me a Happy Birthday, leave me a comment below :-)

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