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Journal Your Worries Away (Sort of)

Updated: May 19, 2020

The thing the most people don't realize when they meet me is that I am a super anxious person. I've talked to people that have known me for some time about my super loud brain and they wonder how I function. How I get work done. How I am not overwhelmed by the constant stream of thoughts on how things could go wrong. Worries of someone not liking me because I say no. All those and more.

I've tried lots of different things to cope. Things like meditation, medication, yoga, exercise, sleep, walking and now journaling. But journaling is by far the most effective for me. When I journal, the noise in my head gets a little less loud.

This is how I recommend you start your own journal practice today:

1. Find your medium

I like the old school notebook and paper but there are so many virtual journal options that you can find something you like with a quick search. The notes app on your phone is also really handy for this because your phone is always with you and you can journal on the go!

2. Make it a habit

Set a time to write everyday so that you can regularly unload all those anxious thoughts or thoughts in general. Mornings are great spaces in the day for journaling because you are less likely to have interruptions. But you may find that doing it before bed is better. Whatever works for you!

3. Beat the Block

Say you have been writing consistently for some time now and then comes the day when you want to write but don't know what to write. Fear not! You can always find some prompts to get you started. For example:

- What am I worried about?

- What do I really want to do?

- How was your day?

- What can I do to have a better day tomorrow?

You can always do a search online for more prompts.

Until next time!

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