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It's Because of Ya'll

Let me start out by saying that I'm writing this from Dallas hence, the Ya'll.

Second of all, THANK YOU!

Thank you to all my friends, family and strangers who have supported me by purchasing my stuff on Society6 and reading this blog. I'm always filled with so much joy when I get comments on my latests posts or a notification that someone is now in possession of something I made!

When I started painting with watercolors and keeping this blog I did it because I have things to say and to show. Honestly, I didn't think it would be read by many or that I would get the response that I've gotten on things I've designed. This little space on the internet makes me so happy and it's all because you all find it useful.

As you all know, I'm also making my way out of some debt I got myself into which I have written about here. So in addition to adding to my joy, you all are helping me reach my financial goals. Since I started doing this I've paid off an additional credit card! Calling my debtors and giving them their money was liberating to say the least.

My life is simple, friends. I don't want a bunch of fancy things or expensive trips. Mostly, I just want to have peace of mind and love in my heart and a comfortable place to live that makes me happy and that I can share with others. I write that to say that my main goal with getting out of debt and being financially secure is not to amass wealth but to be able to help others the way you have all helped me.

Have a great week and see you here next Wednesday :-D

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