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It Is Okay to Hit Reset

Updated: May 22, 2020

Back in middle school one of my favorite things to do with my free time was to play video games with my brother. Our favorites were Need For Speed and Agent 007. We use to play on a tiny, boxy TV and cheat by looking at each other's half of the screen. He was always much better than me at racing cars but we were a pretty even match at playing spy. My best trick was to "kill" his spy as it re-spawned.

I cannot tell you how many times one of us would re-start the game because we thought the other one had an unfair advantage.

These days I find myself needing that re-start option.

Some days have felt like the race started, the cars sped off but mine stayed behind; forever playing catch up. So I have given myself permission to hit the restart button of my days and take it a little easy by remembering that this is a GLOBAL HEALTH CRISIS that we are all facing and that doing anything is not JUST doing something but rather doing something while facing a GLOBAL HEALTH CRISIS.

These are some of ways I have found I can hit that imaginary re-start button.

1. Praying

I know it sounds super simple and maybe even cliche. But I have found that when my day seems to be getting away from me and nothing is going the way I expect it, taking some minutes to sit down, vent to God and ask him for his help usually gets me in the right mind. Even if the boxes don't get checked, I still get my peace of mind back.

2. Taking a nap

It's okay to take a nap friends. Naps are not just for children and as adults I feel like we can appreciate them a lot more. If you're working from home I say have a nap on the side of that lunch and then jump back into it. Just make sure that you don't go beyond 45 minutes or you might wake up feeling grumpy.

3. Journaling

When I was learning to speak and write in English I found that keeping a diary was a great way to practice without being embarrassed about saying the wrong thing. My brother found my diary one day in which I had written about "mounting my bike" instead of "riding my bike" and to this day he still makes fun of me for it. Still, putting down on paper all the thoughts running through my head helps my head feel clear and light. I highly recommend this!

4. Going for a walk

I'm sure you all can now understand why characters in Jane Austen books always wanted to go for long walks through the country. Being home all the time got hella boring! Walking is super good to get the blood pumping and with blood flowing faster I find that I can workout problems better and even process emotions in a healthier way. I'm incorporating this to the end of my days so that I can go to bed with a clear head.

5. Play the Sims

Or any other silly game. I'm obsessed with the Sims. From PC, to PS2, to PS4 and now on my iPhone; the Sims have been with me for years. There is nothing wrong with adults playing games. Take a work break and check in on your Sims. Send them to work themselves! Taking a little break from the seriousness of life and tuning into our inner kid can often bring us a fresh perspective on our days and help us find joy even in the midst of a pandemic.

What are some ways you hit the reset button?

Let me know in the comments! Or email me at

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