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Improve Your Skills In Quarantine

Updated: May 22, 2020

If you've already binge watched every binge-worthy show on Netflix, read every good book on the shelf, made all the whipped coffee you can, organized all your drawers and are still looking for things to do, search no more!

I have found the perfect way to invest all your extra, at home, quarantine time.

In search of useful things to do with my own time in isolation, I took a deep dive into my email this week. It proved to be a fruitful search as I re-surfaced with a list of Skillshare classes to hone my skills and learn news ones. Below I share that list and why each class is perfect.

iPhone Photography: How to Take Pro Photos On Your iPhone

This is one is an easy and quick class. Teacher Dale McManus is engaging and easy to follow along. With actionable steps and simple instructions, you will be on your way to taking you iPhone photography to the next level.

Self Portraits: Telling Your Unique Story

Tabitha Park is one of my favorite Skillshare teachers. She's funny and her lessons are short and packed with tons of useful tips and tricks. She doesn't use any fancy equipment which is great for someone like me who doesn't have the space or the budget for big productions. This class is great for anyone wanting to make their selfies "deeper".

Dark Botanical Photography: Capture Beautifully Moody Images of Plants

This was my first class by Linda and David and they are similar to Tabitha in their quick and easy approach to their lessons. If you're stuck at home and trying to find new things to photograph, then this class is a fun one. More than likely there's a ton of plants around you and this class will show you how to shoot artsy photos of them. If you follow me on Insta, you might have seen my project for this class sometime this week.

Happy Houseplants: Caring For Your Plants | Learn with The Sill

Into plants? Don't want them to die? This one is for you.

Style Your Space: Creative Tips and Techniques for Interior Design

You're spending more time than usual at home, why not take this time to make it as beautiful and comfortable as you've always wanted? Or maybe you want to change things up a bit. Check this class out for easy ways to make it happen.

Modern Watercolor Techniques: Explore Skills to Create On-Trend Paintings

I'm in love with this class. Cat Coq is so sweet and watching her paint is super soothing. Looking to explore your creative side? Def check this one out.

BONUS: You can get your first TWO MONTHS FREE! Cancel before then to avoid charges or keep it and pay $19.99 /month.

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