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How to Paint a Bunny

Hello friends!

Welcome to another blog post where I teach you how to do a thing. Today, the thing is how to draw and paint a bunny with pencil and watercolors.

For this tutorial you will need a pencil, watercolor paints (nothing fancy), painting brushes and watercolor paper. That's it! You can get these things at Dollar Tree and Five Below. They are my favorite places to buy art supplies now.

Let's jump right in!

Using your pencil, lightly draw a large circle for the bunny bod and then a smaller circle on top for the bun bun head.

Add ears. Floppy or standing. I'm going to do floppy like my bunny's ears.

Add thumpers and scratchers.

Don't forget the sniffer and the blinkers.

Choose your colors.

I like to use a round medium brush for the large areas that will mostly be one color and then a smaller round brush for the details like the head, ears and feet. Try not to paint over the lines so you can erase them when the paint is dry.

Embellish as your heart desires!

I'd love to see what you come up with! Share it with me on IG by tagging @itskeila.d :-)

Big hug and kiss!

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