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Add a Little Green to Your Scene

Plants are in.

A quick scroll through Instagram will reveal that most people are finding the benefits of keeping a green buddy nearby. If not for a boost of serotonin then at least for a great photo.

Either way, plants are known to be mood boosters, natural air purifiers and help keep us in touch with a little bit of the natural world. Specially when we spend a lot of time indoors.

And like us, plants need some tender love and care. But some plants need less tender love and care and make great companions for those of us that have not been gifted with a green thumb.

My very average green thumb has experimented with different kinds of plants. May those that perished rest in peace. But these three are the troopers of the indoor green world.

Snake Plant

If you manage to kill this plant I will personally give you an award. It is the Bruce Willis of plants. And my favorite aspect is that she is very happy staying in one planter forever and ever amen. You can keep them outside or inside. She doesn't care. She's going to do her plant thing and thrive. Water her when you remember. Keep her by a window or don't, whatever. She doesn't care either way.

She is however, toxic to pets so be sure to keep her away from your furry friends.

Devil's Ivy

Not sure why the harsh name but she's a sweetie pie. One of the coolest features of this plant is that she starts to hang outside of her pot after a while giving your indoor area a really cool tropical vibe. You can keep her in water or soil and she'll do great in either. If you do keep her in water, change it every one or two weeks so she can get some fresh oxygen.

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is a drama queen but she's just wanting your attention is all. Don't be afraid when you come home and she's all droopy. Give her some water and she'll be good as new. She likes to be watered once every week and if you give her too much she'll let you know with some yellow leaves. Don't give her enough and she'll also let you know with some brown leaves. Of all three, this Lily will give you a couple of really cool looking flowers once a year. They will stick around for a couple of weeks and then Peace out. LOL Get it? Peace Lily. Peace out. Okay. You get it.

Let me know if you own one of these cuties! Have any care suggestions? Tell me in the comments :-)

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