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A Brief Guide to Buying Art Online

Start with Photography Art

It's easy to find a photo of something that you're into or that you find striking. And there are so many great photographers selling their art online, it is certain you will find something you will like. Not to mention that photography will be kinder on your wallet than paintings or sculptures.

Art is also not limited to prints and sculptures friends! I am amazed by some of the things that Miami artists are doing with plants and vintage items. More on that below.

Set a Budget and Stick to It

Speaking of your wallet; determine how much $$ you're going to set for your art piece and stick to it. It's easy to get carried away buying things you find that you like so make sure you set filters to stick to your price range when you're searching on sites like Society6 and Redbubble.

Also, consider how many pieces you're looking to buy for the money you set aside.

Support New Artists

Look close to home for your art. There are great but struggling artists all around you and if you want a piece that represents your city, your heritage, your culture; there is someone in your city that is probably portraying those elements in their work.

An easy way to find them is to visit local galleries. One of my favorite places to discover local artists is the Wynwood Marketplace and the plant market on Saturdays at the Center for Subtropical Affairs in Little Haiti.

< Here are some of my favorites.

And if you'd like to support me check me out at

Use Art to Fill in Space

Maybe you're thinking that you don't have space for a big piece in your home or you don't want to commit an entire wall to something that you might get over quickly. Don't worry! You can use art to fill spaces in your wall that look lonely. Say next to your mirror or by your desk or in the kitchen. Small art is still art friends! Prints are great and so are phone cases and stickers. Take art with you on your laptop or on your phone.

Get What Speaks to You

And of course, get something that makes you FEEL. It can be a good feeling or a melancholic one but let it be something that whenever you look at it, it speaks to a part of you or represents something you feel or says something that maybe you don't have words for.

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