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5 Fun Photo Projects for 2020

Updated: May 22, 2020

1. 365 Days

This one is great if you're looking to improve your skills because every single day you will be pushing yourself to shoot at LEAST one photo.

If you're stuck on what you can photograph, search for a challenge online or seek motivation in daily hashtags.

These are my go-to: #MotivatioMonday #TuesdayTips #WednesdayWisdom #TBT #FriYAY #SaturdayVibes and #SundayChill.

2. Day in the Life

What did you have for breakfast? Anything interesting on your commute to work? What does your workspace look like? What do you do after work/school?

You can spread this project over a week or you can do it everyday and either showcase it in multiple photos on IG or post to your story.

Try not to overwhelm your followers with photos that are not particularly interesting. Instead, think of your photos as telling a story like we were taught in school: intro, development, climax, resolution and conclusion.

3. Themed Months

This is a shorter commitment project and it lets you get your feet wet for a longer 365 project later on.

Try to theme your month with things that you are interested in because if you're interested you'll do a better job and make your followers will be interested as well.

Some themes you can go for include: #Minimalist photos, #plants, #pets, #portraits, and #foodporn.

4. Black and White

Play around with the black and white setting on your phone, camera or editing software. Try to think of what your photograph will look like in black and white and this will help you be more aware of highlights and shadows and contrast in your compositions.

5. iPhone/Android Only

Don't have a fancy swanky camera? No Problem! Phone cameras are better than ever and you have almost as much freedom to controls as you would on a DSLR. Play around with brightness, aperture and ISO to get what you want.

The great thing about taking photos with your phone is that you literally have your phone on you all the time and you can go from shooting, editing and posting in no time. This is one of the things that has really helped me get into the habit of shooting more often.

Check out my previous post on editing phone apps to get those phone shots looking their best!

Have an idea for another photo project? Share it in the comments. I would love to try them out!

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