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5 Easy Ways to Fill Your Life with Art

Have you been wanting to add some character to your space and are struggling with the how, what, where?

I gotchu, friend!

Below are five easy ways that you can incorporate art into your life without having to fill every wall in your home or office with frames upon frames. But you can do that too though! But here are more ideas lol

1. Accessories

Carry your art with you! Get a piece that makes you feel happy when you look at it on your phone case or maybe a mug that adds an extra touch of YAY! to your morning coffee.

Some great places to get art pieces that speak to you are Society6 and Redbubble. Plus every purchase you make there supports an artist! Happiness all around.

2. Accent Home Decor

Adorn your couch with a favorite print on a cushion or let your comforter comfort you with a calming piece by a fav artist.

A welcome rug with an inspiring message and a fresh and clean design on bath can add those finishing touches to your home, making it feel more like...well, home!

3. Wear the Art

Let others gaze upon your great taste by adorning yourself with a t-shirt, dress, cap or leggings with a piece you love on it.

It's also a great way of wearing something very few other people have and will make you instantly cooler!

4. Journals and Agendas

Yes, I am a sticker fan and an agenda addict. I have journals galore and I don't know how to stop buying them. Send help! And while you do, consider displaying the art that speaks to your soul in your journal or agenda.

Maybe it's in the form of a sticker or a small print of a piece. Either way, it is art that you like and that can make a very hectic week seem a little easier :-)

5. On The Walls, duh

Yeah, if you really like it and you really want it put it up on your walls!

Wherever you choose to display your art, have fun! It's not homework :-P And if you want to support my art check my pieces out at the Shop tab up above :-D

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